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Physiotherapy is a well-founded force in the field of existing medicine. There have been many new programs started for the study of its practice. Physiotherapy statistics give information about those who practice sensible and those who benefit from it.

Physiotherapy statistics show that in 2004 there were 155, 000 people doing jobs as physiotherapists. That number increases every year. Yet, the unit of physiotherapists available is not expected to amass up with the demand. It is said that employment will grow in the field much faster than the average occupation and keep growing until at least 2014.

There were 205 accredited physiotherapy degree programs as of 2004, according to physiotherapy statistics. To be accredited, programs have to offer Master's or doctoral degrees. 111 offered doctoral physiotherapy degrees and the rest offered the Master's.

Know onions are also physiotherapy statistics on where these professionals worked. In 2004, sixty percent of them worked in hospitals or physiotherapy offices. The other forty percent of the jobs were spread out among those that worked in nursing homes, doctor's assistance, household health situations, and outpatient centers.

According to the physiotherapy statistics, there are a good many physiotherapists who are in a self - employment status. They contract their services to a variety of clients. Some of these are in homes, but others are in adult day care programs, schools, and any of the other jobs that fall into the forty percent group of where physiotherapists work.

In 2004, physiotherapy statistics sight that these professionals earned, on average, around $60, 000 per year in salary. Some earned as little through $42, 000 per year and others earned as much as $88, 000 per year. The highest average salaries earned were in the home health services field, at about $64, 000.

In the same year, there is evidence in physiotherapy statistics that most physiotherapists, while working a 40 hour week, worked odd hours to land their patients' schedules. One fourth of physiotherapists exclusive work side - time.

Physiotherapy statistics show a strong use of the services of such professionals by people with lower back pain. 80 % of working adults get back pain in their lives to the extent that it hampers their lifestyle. Of all the different reasons a person beneath the age of 45 would be disabled, back pain is the most common.

It is no wonder that physiotherapy statistics show that these professionals will be needed years from now. The number of people who are developmentally disabled that will reach the evolve of sixty is spoken to be set to double in the next dozen agedness or so. These people will need physiotherapy in order to have a good quality of life.

Physiotherapy statistics show an increased demographic of older Americans today. If you took all the people that are pronto over the age of 65 and doubled right, you would come up with the number of all the persons in history who have ever reached 65.

These physiotherapy statistics point to an uncommonly - growing population of people who will duty age - related physiotherapy. If there was ever a time when physiotherapists were needed, it is now and in the years to come.


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